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FishPlant Iron 250ml - RRP £6.00

Iron is an essential element for the plants; iron plays, amongst others, a part in the chlorophyll and a leading role in photosynthesis. Moreover, it has an important influence on the physiological processes and the energy balance. Liquid iron chelate can be immediately absorbed by the plant, can be mixed with all fertilisers and is stable with each common pH value.

FishPlant pH UP 1L - RRP £7.99

Over time pH will tend to fall, it can be adjusted up with this food-grade potassium hydroxide. This also adds potassium for plants to use.

FishPlant Starter Kit - RRP £18.00

The kit includes a dechlorinator to treat the chlorine in your tap water that would otherwise hinder the beneficial bacteria and stress your fish. It includes a starter culture of live filter bacteria and food to begin colonisation. These occur naturally but an initial introduction will get things off to a much quicker and more reliable start.

The kit includes a nitrite test that will indicate that the bacteria are able to process ammonia into less harmful nitrite and indicates the colonisation is going well. At this stage you can start to introduce fish, as the bacteria colonisation continues the nitrite will be processed to the useful nitrate and the filter is said to have 'cycled‘. Use the 'Fish Care' test kit to check the ongoing colonisation and 'cycling' of your filter bacteria.

FishPlant Pebbles 40L - RRP £13.99

Clay pebbles are a popular hydroponic medium around the world. Manufactured in Belgium, they are derived from a renewable and plentiful source (clay), it is considered an ecologically sustainable medium. The clay is formed into pellets and then fired in rotary kilns at 1200°C. This causes the clay to expand inside, like popcorn and to become porous.

Fishplant Clay pebbles are light in weight, do not compact and are completely reusable - they can be cleaned and sterilised after use. They are also inert, pH neutral and contain no nutrients. Because the pebbles drain freely and don't hold excessive water, they provide good oxygen levels around the root zone.

FishPlant pH Test Kit - RRP £4.99

Maintaining a stable and correct pH (acidity / alkalinity) of the water is very important for fish health. pH should be tested frequently, and should be in the range of 6 – 8. The test is very easy to use - 3 drops into your test sample and match the colour to the chart.

FishPlant Fish Care Kit - RRP £27.40

Monitoring water quality closely is vitally important, especially in a new system. Fortunately it is very quick and easy to do with the dropper bottles and colour charts. included in this kit are tests for Ammonia, Nitrite, pH and KH.

FishPlant Plant Care Kit - RRP £27.40

Make sure your water contains enough nutrients for your plants. The kit allows you to test for Nitrates, Phosphates and General Hardness (GH).Quick and easy to do, the kit contains dropper bottles and easy to read colour charts. Nitrates are essential for building proteins and plant growth. Phosphates are essential for healthy roots, flowering and disease resistance. General Hardness measures the 'hardness' of the water, it is the total of all the minerals dissolved in the water, and these are important for all biological processes. In particular the availability of Calcium for plant growth.

FishPlant Fish Food (young fish) 1kg - Tilapia - RRP £11.99

For Tilapia, Carp, Goldfish Smaller pellet size for young fish. Balanced for healthy growth. Natural ingredients Suitable for edible fish.

FishPlant Fish Food - Tilapia 1kg - RRP £10.99

For Tilapia, Carp, Goldfish. Balanced for healthy growth. Natural ingredients. Suitable for edible fish.

FishPlant Fish Food - Tilapia 5kg - RRP £39.99

For Tilapia, Carp, Goldfish. Balanced for healthy growth. Natural ingredients. Suitable for edible fish.