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Feeding the FishPlant

When you are feeding your fish you are also, indirectly, feeding the plants! Hence there is a link between how much you are feeding and how many plants will grow. A maximum feed level a fully mature PlantBed will be able to process effectively, is 30g per day, and this is what limits the fish biomass. DO NOT FEED MORE THAN YOUR FISH WILL EAT.

They should be fed sparingly at first, but once established you should be feeding between 1% and 3% of FishTank biomass per day, so: 5 fish at 20 grams each (100g total) will only require between 1 to 3 grams of food per day; 30 fish with an average weight of 100 grams (3kg total) could be fed 30 to 90 grams per day – but this should be limited to 30 by the size of the PlantBed.

Once the system is fully stocked and functioning, a second PlantBed could be added to increase the food allowed and hence the speed the fish would grow. The daily feed ration should be split into ideally three feeds, morning, midday and evening, whenever possible and any left in the tank after 5 or 10 minutes should be removed.

We recommend the use of FishPlant FishFood for all omnivorous species such as Tilapia, Carp (both edible and ornamental) and Goldfish, as well as some cold-water carnivores like Perch. FishPlant FishFood is a complete balanced feed, with high levels of protein and vitamins for rapid growth and good health and is considered suitable for fish intended for human consumption.

There are two sizes of pellet available, the smaller for young fish (up to about 70g) and the larger for more mature fish, but if you are stocking over a period of time to get a continuous supply (as previously described) you will find you are feeding a mix of both, but with higher ratios of the larger pellet.