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FishPlant ROOT!T FirstFeed 125ml - RRP £2.99

Specially formulated to give young plants the best start in life. ROOT!T First Feed contains everything required for healthy growing during this crucial stage including boron and calcium for the fastest, healthiest root development. This highly concentrated liquid feed is incredibly easy to use and is ideally suited for propagation plugs/sponges or transplanter blocks/pots. Included is a ‘How to’ guide on achieving great results from your cuttings and seeds.  NPK 2.0/1.15/2.3.

Fishplant ROOT!T Rooting Sponge 24 Cell Tray - RRP £5.99

This is the perfect cutting and germination product suitable in aquaponic systems.24 ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges supplied in a specially designed full plug height insert & tray. This ROOT!T 24 filled insert & tray offers the latest and fastest rooting medium. Large drain hole to facilitate easy de-plugging. Specially designed irrigation channels to rapidly remove excess water. Fully re-cyclable HIPS - High impact polystyrene. Tough and durable design. Fits standard seed tray size propagators.

FishPlant ROOT!T Propagation Kit - RRP £15.99

Everything you need to grow from seed or cuttings for your Fishplant system. The kit comes complete with a standard seed tray propagator, a 24 cell insert and tray, filled with ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges that offer the latest and fastest rooting available today, a sterile scalpel, ROOT!T Gel4Plugs Rooting Gel & ROOT!T First Feed and a book on how to grow from cuttings or seeds. The ideal introduction kit to propagation! Size: L:38cm x W:24cm x H:18.5cm.

FishPlant ROOT!T Windowsill Propagator - RRP £9.99

Filled with 24 ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges, this propagator has been designed to fit perfectly onto a windowsill. With its leaf design vents, not only does it look good it is a great way to successfully grow indoors. Included with the ROOT!T Windowsill Propagator is ROOT!T Gel4Plugs. Rooting Gel and ROOT!T First Feed. Size: L:39.5cm x W:19cm x H:10.5cm.

FishPlant ROOT!T Plug-Bag 50 - RRP £8.99

Maximise your success rate and grow faster, more vigorous roots with ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges – The latest innovation in propagation. Not only are they simple to use, they are also easy to pot on. This bag of 50 sponges can be used to refill trays or used in their own on a bed of Perlite or Vermiculite. The bag is resealable to help ensure that each ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponge is kept in perfect condition.